Get out there again!
By: Stefanie Philips

This is for all of the adults out there who may not have skied (or snowboarded) in years and think it is a lost cause to try and get out there again. I am going to tell you why it isn’t, and why getting back on the slopes may be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. If you can put your adult pride aside and accept that you won’t be whizzing down a black diamond right away, you’ll be okay.

I didn’t really grow up skiing. I was in middle school when I took a couple lessons at Highlands Mountain in Northfield. My friends and I used to back country ski, so I didn't really need any proper skills at the time. In high school, I tried skiing with my then-boyfriend, who had grown up skiing and no patience for my lack of skills. I thought I hated skiing and gave up trying because it didn’t seem enjoyable.

Flash forward to the winter of 2013 when my company had an intern visiting from Portugal who wanted to try it. I took a lesson with her at Waterville Valley and loved it. I found a new passion for skiing that I had never had before. I had to go slow, of course, but I couldn’t wait to ski again.

I purchased a season pass at Gunstock during the winter of 2013-14, skied all season with two friends with the patience of saints. My friend held my poles for me because I was anxious on the chairlift. I fell a few times and endured a few bruises. I went up and down the same trail a bunch of times because I was comfortable on it. I watched children a third my height whip past me and stop to ask me if I was alright when I stumbled. But I never gave up and by the end of the season I was skiing black diamond trails and keeping up with my friends.

At the end of that season, I had not only skied Gunstock, but Pat’s Peak, Mount Sunapee, Bretton Woods and Cannon. I realized that I truly enjoyed skiing and always looked forward to my next trip.

All I am saying is you’re never too old to try again. You may need to ride the Magic Carpet and go down the bunny slope. That’s ok. The experience will be worth it.