Quit complaining
By A Grumpy Young Man

I’m sorry to take the annoyed parent stance, but it’s about time somebody did. You can sit around and mope and watch ski movies and look at the snow report for every resort in Utah in Colorado or you can get out and make the most of what we have.

The bottom line is ski areas are open and there’s skiing and riding to be had. But if you’re going to sit there and feel to sorry for yourself, well then I just feel sorry for you.

Maybe there isn’t a 48” base. Maybe your favorite hidden spot in the woods doesn’t have enough snow to be open. Maybe there’s no knee deep powder. So what. The mountains have these amazing machines that through the wonders of modern science and magic make snow. They make snow! There is actually snow just sitting there on the mountains. There’s no snow anywhere else in New England but on the actual trails that are made for skiing and you’re going to complain there’s no snow?! For shame. Our parents would have slapped us silly for complaining that man made snow wasn’t good enough snow to ski on.

I’ve heard countless times from my dad, “Back when I was skiing we didn’t have manmade snow. We skied on whatever we had for natural snow.”

Congratulations, Pop. You lived in a technologically stunted era and you became a better, tougher person because of it. How dare I question you ever again.

If we were living in the 70’s nobody would be doing any skiing anywhere. But guess what? It’s 2015. It hasn’t snowed here and we’ve got snow anyway!

Here’s how I see it. If you’re complaining about the lack of skiing, that means you love to ski. How do I know this? Because no one just kind of likes skiing or riding. It’s not like a board game where you can say, well I like a good game of Stratego when I’m in the mood. Or, yeah, I enjoy a game of Scattergories every once in awhile. No. That’s not how this works.  

Back to my point, if you’re complaining about the lack of skiing, then you love skiing. If you love skiing then why aren’t you skiing? Your skis still work on manmade snow. You can still go fast. You can still throw on your favorite one piece, throw down some solid pole plants and then head to the lodge bar to for a little apres ski and karaoke.

Make the most of what we got. It may not be the best year ever but you’re still going to have fun. When was the last time you saw someone skiing around with a sad face all day? Trick question. You never have.

So cut it out with the complaints and the poor attitude. I’m sick of hearing it. Go ski and have fun for crying out loud. Gosh. You’re making me start to feel like my old man. It’s sickening.