Spring back into skiing! By Krista Loring

So you think you can still ski?  Of course you can, It’s Spring!

Let me guess, you gave up skiing 10, 15, 20 years ago, and now your kicking yourself for doing it and wondering if you’ll ever be able to return to a sport you once loved.  I say, stop doubting yourself.  You know you can do this, especially now. 

“Why is that”, you say? Because it’s spring.  Spring means sun, warmth, soft snow, and most importantly slow snow. For this reason, I love to teach beginners in the spring.  As a ski instructor for over 30 years, I can tell you that my students progress so much faster on spring snow, than they do on any other snow.

Think about it.  The bottoms of your skis are flat and slippery. Put them on hard packed snow and gravity is definitely not your friend. (Yikes!)  Maintaining balance is obviously so much easier in slow, wet snow than it is on hard, fast snow.  I’m all about starting beginners in their comfort zone, far away from the so called “Yikes zone”.       

Spring is not only the best time to return to skiing, but it is also the best time to purchase equipment. With all the new equipment designs, teaching has changed, and in fact, it has made the sport so much easier to learn. This year, with spring starting early, lots of your local ski shops will be selling their equipment at blow-out prices.

Thirdly, signing up for a lesson is the best thing you could do for yourself.  Many ski areas offer beginner packages that include several lessons, rentals and your lift ticket.  If you’re not a beginner but you’ve been away from the sport for a long time, I would definitely suggest getting a beginner package so you can brush up on the basics.  If you sign up for a group lesson in the spring, the odds are, you’ll end up with a private lesson, allowing you to progress at your own rate and get lots of personal feedback.

So what are you waiting for?  The best skiing is ahead and the best time to start skiing or return to skiing is now. Come have fun and ski New Hampshire this spring.

BIO:  Krista Loring, Over 30 years of experience as a ski instructor, Alpine Level 3 certified Instructor Gunstock Ski area, Gilford, NH