Dog Days of Summer
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Dog Days of Summer

July 1, 2019

Dogs: we don't deserve them. They love us unconditionally, at our best or our worst, regardless of how we act, what we do, or how we're feeling. There is no love like the love of a dog. So, let's stop leaving them at home and bring them out on more adventures!

Here at Gunstock Mountain Resort, we'd like to encourage that as much as possible, and we've got some events and programs in the works to encourage plenty of tail-wagging! The most imminent of these is the Muddy Puppy: Obstacle Course and Night Howl on Saturday, July 6. This is event is the second installment of the new Muddy Puppy seasonal event series at Gunstock, and will feature summer fun for dogs and their humans, including a woodsy obstacle course to conquer, an evening canicross 4k race, and a camp-out!

Canicrossis the sport of cross country running with dogs—which is dog powered, so they are harnessed and attached to the human, and human and canine run as a team.

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Canicross is a great opportunity to meet other outdoorsy folks and their dogs while getting a great workout together. Unfamiliar with canicross? No problem, we will be holding a small canicross introduction clinic before the race to familiarize everyone with the equipment and commands. Can't make it? Not to worry, we'll be holding another Muddy Puppy event during the fall season as well!

In a world where there seems to be less and less space for dogs, or even humans, to run free, New Hampshire is a veritable canine paradise. From hiking trails, to lakes and ponds, to boat rides and dog-friendly beaches, there are lots of opportunities to get out there and run around with your pup. So much in fact, that many organizations in the 603 are working with other states to transport rescue dogs to our area, where they will have increased likelihood of successful adoption and better quality of life.

Some of our Mountain Sports staff recently visited the New Hampshire Humane Society and brought some new canicross equipment to train their staff and volunteers with some of their rescues. Some enthusiastic conversations are being had about planning some community clinics and even a potential event here at Gunstock, to help train and socialize rescue dogs in a healthy outdoor environment.

Ever heard of skijoring? It's similar to canicross in the way that both human and dog are harnessed together and working as a team, but with skijoring, the human is on skis! Gunstock's experienced guides have provided skijoring lessons for years, but it's becoming increasingly popular as people continue to look outward for both exercise and quality time with their furry best friends. For those who have had lessons and are comfortable going without a lesson, equipment is available for rent at Gunstock Outdoor Center.

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If you're looking to keep things a little more low-key and simply camp or hike with your dog, our award-winning campground is dog-friendly, and there is a plethora of hiking trails to choose from at Gunstock, and in the collective Belknap Range. For those who would like to head out with a guide to get familiar with the area and the trails, Gunstock offers 1-hour, 2-hour, or 4-hour guided hikes to introduce novice or intermediate hikers to hidden gems and gorgeous views of Lake Winnipesaukee.

So, as you check the weather to make your summer (or even fall, winter, and spring) plans with your friends and family, make sure to set aside some quality time outdoors for you and your best friend! WE will see you out there!

~ Jen & Bear

Jen Karnan is the Communications Coordinator at Gunstock Mountain Resort, where she has worked since 2011 upon moving back home from California. A native of Gilford, NH, Jen grew up quite literally at Gunstock, where her father, Dutch Karnan, worked for many years. Jen loves skiing, hiking, writing, dancing, singing, and photography, and she tries to always incorporate those things into her life as much as possible. She's been able to do all of the above pretty regularly while working at Gunstock—except maybe dancing, but she kind of does that while doing everything else! When Jen isn't at the mountain, she can usually be found climbing another one-- she is currently working on hiking the NH 48 with her dachshund mix, Bear, and just hit the halfway mark.

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Jen Karnan