Tailgating Tips from Loon Mountain Resort
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Tailgating Tips from Loon Mountain Resort

December 28, 2020


Someone much smarter than I once said "Fail to prepare, prepare to fail" and while this might sound drastic it holds a lot of truth. This year has looked different for everyone and Loon is no exception. Our teams have worked hard through the fall to help keep us healthy this winter. Perhaps the biggest difference being that this year your vehicle will be your home base. We've put together a handy list of 7 tips and tricks to help your new base feel like home.


What better way to get going in the morning than with some of your favorite winter anthems? We've created our very own playlist Loon Morning Stoke so you can plug in and get pumped! Crank the tunes on the way to the mountain and get hyped for your day on the snow! Have fun with your family and friends by creating your own playlist to get ready to crush it on the slopes. Wind down at lunch and tune into something more mellow or keep that stoke sesh going into the afternoon.


The snow and cold weather come hand in hand so remember to pack hand and feet warmers to beat the midday chill. For little ones it's a great idea to bring a blanket or two to wrap them up and keep them toasty at lunch. There are a lot of very useful gadgets in the world but one that we highly recommend is a portable boot warmer, plug it in and get those boots warm while you're getting ready and treat yourself to warm toes after lunch too. you'll thank us for that tip later.


While there are a number of different dine-in options available at Loon, including the Octagon Lodge, Governors Lodge, Camp III and Summit Café understand that this year it's important to offer a variety of options to suit everyone. We've added two Grab-N-Go locations where you can order and collect your food outside and take them back to your car to enjoy in your own space. We also have a resident food truck that is serving up some delicious dishes every weekend through the season. Alternatively, why not pack a cooler full of your favorite sandwiches, snacks and everything in between and bring it along? Leave the alcohol at home though.


A quick and easy way to enhance your experience the winter is by bringing folding chairs for everyone in your vehicle. They are light and conveniently packable making it super simple to bring them along. Another great tip is to invest in a small rollable floor matt for changing into your boots, this will help keep your socks dry and your feet happy. Remember to be mindful of others guests, we're all out here to enjoy the snow.


There's a lot to remember for a day on the mountain and it's not always easy to just go home and retrieve something. We're here to make sure you remember those things you might forget. If you're bringing a cooler and your own lunch remember plates, utensils and napkins will always be a welcome forethought. An extra bag is a great addition to your lunch-time lineup, easily collect your trash to dispose of later. Pack in, pack out.


Crown yourself parking lot royalty with your all-out set ups. Compact folding tables make for a great addition and saves you from having to juggle your lunch, coffee, cell phone, gloves or water bottle. If you're feeling extra fancy why not bring an electric griddle to cook up a storm but remember no open flames so propane is a no go. Make your space your own but remember to be respectful of others, we're all here to enjoy the same thing.


Last, but by no means least, pack some extra masks and hand sanitizer. Masks are required at the resort but they can freeze easily in the cold weather and become uncomfortable. It's a good idea to bring extras for everyone in your group so you can switch out to a dry warm one when needed. Store them in a small pouch and keep them in the car for easy access. If this slipped your mind, we've got you covered, Whistle Stop retail store has masks available for purchase.

With all these things in mind we hope that you're prepared and ready to visit us a Loon this season, we can't wait to see you on the slopes.


Reposted with permission from the Loon Mountain Resort Blog.

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Loon Mountain Resort Staff