Guide for the First Time Skier/Rider

Perhaps you’re preparing for your first ski or snowboard lesson, maybe a friend or family member has offered to introduce you to skiing, or maybe you’re returning to a sport you once loved after a long hiatus. Whatever your reason, you’re looking for some tips on what to expect when you get to the ski area, and when you get on the trails. Here we attempt to cover all the bases. Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us [hotlink to “contact”] or contact the resort you’re planning to visit.

Check out the links to the below to start drilling down into the information we've compiled to help make your first time a success!

Before You Leave Home - Get tips on what to wear, what to bring and how to plan for your day.

When You Arrive - Basic Instructions on where to go when you get to the mountain.

Beginner Lessons - What to expect during your first lesson.

Plus, get tips on what to wear for your lesson and learn about the basic accessories to make your first experience a good one!