Uphill Travel

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Uphill travel by means of skinning or snowshoeing has gained popularity over the past several years. Many of the Ski New Hampshire ski areas welcome uphill travel this season with the purchase of a ticket. 

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the designated uphill route, hours for uphill travel, and the code of conduct before your ascent. 

Uphill Skier Code:

  1. Get permission to travel uphill

  2. Stay to the sides of the trails

  3. If the ski area designates specific uphill routes, always stay on them

  4. Don’t climb on closed terrain

  5. Always be aware of traffic coming down the hill at you

  6. Avoid climbing on steeper trails

  7. Avoid grooming and snowmaking operations

  8. Follow any directives from ski patrol or mountain staff

  9. Only use equipment with ski brakes or leashes

  10. Be a good customer

* Please remember as an uphill user, you are a guest of the resort and fall under the same terms, conditions, acknowledgement of risk (RSA 225A:3) and release of liability as any other guest of the ski area. Access is at your own risk.

Attitash Mountain Resort In-Season Uphill Policy

Uphill Access Morning Hours: 6:00AM - 8:30AM (weekdays) 8:00AM (weekends)

Uphill Access Evening Hours: 4:00PM - 8:00PM

Uphill Access is CLOSED during operating hours.

All other resort trails are closed for recreational traffic during non-operational hours.
Uphill terrain is subject to closure due to operations and conditions.

Follow the link below for designated uphill and downhill route information.

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Bretton Woods Uphill Travel

Bretton Woods supports individuals who wish to pursue alternative methods of accessing our trail systems. All uphill travel or skinning is done, solely, at each individual’s own risk. Those who wish to skin, snowshoe, or otherwise access Bretton Woods trails via uphill travel are responsible for their own actions, safety and equipment. Individuals must purchase an uphill access ticket for $25.00 at the outside ticket window.

Please note: Uphill traffic is only allowed during normal hours of operation and last uphill trek stops one hour prior to the lifts closing for the day.

Join us for fun year-round activities at Bretton Woods!

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Uphill Travel

Looking to test out your new skinning equipment or want the exercise of skinning without the challenge of backcountry skiing? Uphill travel is permitted at Cannon on a designated route with a full day lift ticket or season pass only. 

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Cranmore Uphill Travel

Cranmore supports individuals who wish to pursue alternative methods of accessing our trail system. All uphill travel or skinning is done, solely, at each individual’s own risk. Those who wish to skin Cranmore trails via uphill travel are responsible for their own actions, safety, and equipment. There are no rescue services available before lift opening.

Uphill tickets are available for purchase day of until 2pm. Uphill access is permitted only from 7am-3:30pm. Those on the mountain after 3:30pm will be turned around by Ski Patrol.

Uphill access on nights that the resort is open for night skiing is limited to the South Slope until 7:00pm.

All uphill travelers must have a valid uphill ticket, lift ticket, season pass or uphill pass. Pass must be visible at all times.

From 7am until lift opening, uphill and downhill travel is restricted to Beginner’s Luck, Gibson, and Easy Street. From lift opening until 3:30pm, uphill travel is restricted to open terrain. This policy is subject to change at any time due to weather and resort operations.

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Crotched Mountain Uphill Travel

Crotched Mountain is committed to safety and the guest experience. Due to snowmaking, grooming and associated vehicle traffic, guests are not to access the Crotched Mountain trail system for skinning, skiing, riding, hiking or snowshoeing before the resort is open for the winter operating season. Users of facilities do so under NH statutes S225-A:24 and RSA 637:8.

Guests engaging in uphill travel are responsible for knowing locations of closed trails, snowmaking, winch cat operation and other operations in progress by calling the resorts Snow Hotline (updated daily) and reviewing the trail report. If you do choose to use resort terrain during non-operational hours, you do so at your own risk. Please use the information below to help minimize the risk to you and our staff.

Uphill travel is only permitted during non-operating hours (daily from 30 minutes after the lifts close to 8:45am).

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Dartmouth Skiway Uphill Travel

Earn your turns at the Skiway again this season! Uphill travel is a beautiful way to enjoy nature and get some exercise. Please take a moment and familiarize yourself with our Uphill Policy by following the link below. 

In general, it is important to steer clear of snowmaking and grooming operations at all times. Uphill travel is prohibited without a valid pass, outside of the Operating Hours, and outside of designated routes. Uphill travel may be prohibited by Dartmouth Skiway inside of these routes or hours at any time.

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Gunstock Uphill Travel

Gunstock Mountain Resort allows skinning, snowshoeing and other forms of non-motorized uphill access. For everyone’s safety on the mountain, we require that anyone participating in these activities during Ski Season adhere to the following guidelines and rules: Uphill Policy

During Gunstock's winter operations, an Uphill Access Pass must be visibly displayed while using uphill routes. 

The designated uphill access routes may not be available every day. When the designated uphill routes are closed, uphill access is not permitted. Check the Gunstock website and the Daily Snow Report for route status and hours permitted.

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King Pine Uphill Travel

Please remember as an uphill user, you are the guest of Purity Spring Resort, Inc. and must agree tot he terms, conditions, acknowledgement of risk (RSA 225A:3) and release of liability.

  • Access is at your own risk.
  • Skis with skins, split tail snowboard with skins or snowshoes are required.
  • A current, valid season pass or lift ticket is required to access trails.
  • Travel on the best side of the trail to be seen by downhill skiers, snowboarders, snow groomers and snowmakers on snowmobiles.
  • Travel single file on the edge of the trail.
  • The required uphill route on the front side is up Scotch Pine and finishing on Crooked Pine.
  • The required uphill route on the back side is up Slow Pokey Pine and finishing on Pokey Pine.
  • Do not stop at high traffic areas.
  • When traveling on our trails, you must observe the Skier Responsibility Code.
  • No sleds, tubes, saucers, snowmobiles or fat tire bikers.
  • Use a headlamp and reflective clothing at night or lowlight periods.
  • Stay off of trails that are being groomed.
  • Stay off of trails where snowmaking is occurring.
  • Dogs/Pets are not allowed on trails during operational hours.
  • Be prepared for the weather with the appropriate clothing and equipment.

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Loon Mountain Resort Uphill Policy

You can expect the uphill route to take 60+ minutes to reach Loon or South Peak.

  • Uphill routes are subject to closure at any time due to weather, snow or operational factors.
  • Uphill travel is only permitted on designated uphill routes outlined above. Trails within the designated Uphill Routes must be open or are scheduled to open on the Mountain Report, in order for the uphill routes to be open.
  • If the trails designated in the uphill routes are closed on the Mountain Report, uphill travel is not permitted. With the exception of designated uphill routes, other trails and terrain parks are closed outside of operating hours.
  • For safety, if you descend prior to operating hours, you must ski/snowboard down the same uphill route you traveled.


Begin your ascent during these times. 

Weekends & Holidays 6AM - 2PM

Weekdays 7AM - 2 PM

Individuals traveling uphill must have a valid lift ticket or season pass.

Purchase an Uphill Ticket online in advance of your visit.

  • A Loon season pass or New England Pass holder may use the pass for uphill access on any day that the pass is valid.
  • Ikon Pass holder: Uphill access does qualify as a visit towards an Ikon Pass holder's allotted days at Loon.

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McIntyre Ski Area Uphill Travel Policy

McIntyre Ski Area does not allow uphill travel or skinning at any time.

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Mount Sunapee Resort Uphill Travel

Winter season uphill travel is permitted at Mount Sunapee Resort on designated routes only, during Resort non-operating hours beginning at 4:30 pm each afternoon and concluding 15 minutes before the lifts open each morning. Regardless of where you at that time, you must head downhill (generally these times are: weekends and holidays: 7:45 am; weekdays: 8:45 am).

Uphill travel routes:

  • Lower Ridge > Upper Ridge > Summit Lodge on the Main Mountain
  • Sunnyside Down > Province > top of Clipper Ship Quad on South Peak

Downhill travel routes:

  • Upper Ridge, Lower Ridge, Upper Blast-Off and Lower Blast-Off on the Main Mountain
  • Province to Sunnyside Down on South Peak

All other Resort trails are closed for recreational traffic during non-operational hours.

When traveling downhill you must observe the Skier Responsibility Code.

Pets are not permitted at the resort, even overnight. Please leave dogs at home.

During resort non-operational times, skiers and riders shall:

  • Travel on the right-hand-side of the trail when heading uphill.
  • Make yourself visible! Use headlamps and other lights. Wear bright, reflective clothing.
  • Avoid areas where Resort equipment may be working. If you do happen to encounter a grooming machine or snowmobile, step off to the side of the trail and use a light to draw the attention of the operator. Never ski towards or follow/trail a grooming machine.
  • Stay away from snowmaking equipment. Do not ski or step on hoses.
  • Know that Resort Emergency Services (Ski Patrol) are not available during non-operational periods. If you or a member of your party is injured, you will need to call 911. Know your route and be prepared to share it with emergency responders.
  • Obey all signage and closures.

Mount Sunapee Resort has the right to cancel the Uphill Travel Policy at any time due to weather conditions or operations on the mountain.

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Pats Peak Uphill Travel

  • All uphill travelers are required to purchase an Uphill Travel Pass or have a valid Pats Peak Season Passvalid for the current season. Purchase online
  • Passes must be exposed by all uphill travelers at all times whenever they utilize uphill routes, during both operating and non-operating hours. Please be prepared to present your pass to resort personnel upon request.
  • An Uphill Travel Pass DOES NOT provide lift access either up or down the mountain.

You must use the Uphill Travel Routes only:

  • Blast to Zephyr to Backdraft to Crosswind to Cascade Basin summit
  • Blast to Zephyr to Backdraft to the top of the mountain summit
  • Puff to the top of Puff

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Ragged Mountain Resort Uphill Travel

Guests traveling uphill must check in at Guest Services. A season pass or a $10 uphill ticket must be acquired for uphill access.*

  • Any uphill hiking or skinning outside of operating hours is prohibited.
  • Anyone skinning or hiking uphill must check in at Guest Services. (Hikers or guests on snowshoes MUST have metal edge skis or snowboards for descending)
  • Uphill traffic will not be allowed to start uphill after 3:00pm. *This accounts for the 45min to 1 hour it takes the general public to summit and ski back down to the base area before the lifts close and Ski Patrol does their final trail sweeps for the day.
  • A nominal fee or a season pass is required to use Ragged Mountain’s facilities.
  • The ascending route will be determined each day and may be changed at any time Ski Patrol, Mountain Ops, or Guest Services determines necessary.
  • No dogs allowed on hill!

* Please remember as an uphill user, you are a guest of the resort and fall under the same terms, conditions, acknowledgement of risk (RSA 225A:3) and release of liability as any other guest of the ski area. Access is at your own risk.

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Waterville Valley Resort Uphill Travel

Uphill access is permitted only to those who purchase a valid Uphill Trail Pass and sign a liability release. By signing the Liability Release, you understand the activity risks and you agree to abide by Waterville Valley Resort's management team and resort staff, as well as all Uphill Rules.

  • Uphill access is permitted only to those who purchase a valid Uphill Trail Pass (reflective armband) and sign a Liability Release. Passes and waivers c
  • Uphill travel is permitted only on the designated Uphill Routes.
  • Reflective armbands must be worn at all times during ascent.
  • Only skinning and touring are allowed on alpine trails, sorry, not foot traffic. For Nordic and backcountry terrain, only snowshoeing, skinning, and touring are permitted.

Ski Patrol is only available when the ski area is open. Ski Patrol is on duty every day during posted operating hours. If an emergency occurs during lift serviced hours, please call 603-254-3396

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Whaleback Mountain Uphill Travel

Uphill travel by means of skinning or snowshoeing has gained popularity in recent years. Whaleback welcomes and supports our guests looking to enjoy the mountain in this manner. For the safety of our customers and employees we ask that everyone follow our guidelines. All travel is done at each individuals own risk.

  • Uphill travelers need to purchase either a $50 uphill season pass or a $10 uphill day pass (which can be obtained online).
  • Uphill travelers using our trails when the mountain is not open are doing so at their own risk. There are no ski patrol or rescue services available at these times.
  • Uphill travel during operating hours is limited to the skin track (skinners right) on Ivory Run.
  • Uphill travelers skiing when the mountain is operating must abide by all rules that apply to lift-served skiers. Specifically, skiing down a closed run is strictly prohibited.
  • Headlamps/lights are recommended in low light conditions or after dark.

In addition:

  • You must be visible to all traffic at all times, and you should know and follow “Your Responsibility Code” at all times.
  • Be familiar with the Backcountry Code of Conduct: Ski Kind (www.skikind.org)
  • Usage of the terrain parks for uphill travel is prohibited.
  • Dogs and other pets are not permitted on the mountain at any time (except service dogs).
  • Sledding is not permitted on the mountain at any time. Hiking up the mountain without snowshoes during the ski season is not permitted.
  • Ski Patrol reserves the right to close the mountain at any time. If the mountain is closed to up- hill traffic, a sign indicating that will be placed at the base of the authorized uphill route.


Every skier or rider intending to utilize the Uphill Pass must execute the Assumption of Risk and Release Agreement in advance of trail engagement.

Uphill Travel Policy

The full Uphill Travel Policy can be found here.

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Wildcat Mountain Uphill Travel

Uphill travel is OPEN at Wildcat Mountain.

When manually ascending Wildcat Mountain, the designated uphill route is Stray Cat to Middle Polecat to Catnap to Upper Polecat. Uphill access is permitted before and after operating hours (before 8:30am - after 4pm). Dogs are not permitted for uphill travel.

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