4th & 5th Grade Snowsports Passports  

Important Notice Regarding Unused 19/20 Passports: 


Per the direction of our board of directors, Ski NH is authorized to refund Passport purchases made on or after 2/24/20.  We cannot determine who used their passports, but those purchased prior to that time had a minimum of two weeks to use the passport and this is an extremely discounted product. Please email info@SkiNH.com for more information. 

Dear Valued Skiers & Riders,
While we have yet to see the first snowflake of the upcoming winter, up here in northern New Hampshire we have been enjoying cool nights and in many places the leaves are already starting to change colors. There are other changes currently in the works too. We have been hard at work developing protocols and guidelines for reopening our ski areas this year, and in order to maintain the safety of our guests and staff, and to ensure that we are all able to enjoy a ski season, there will be a number of changes implemented at our ski areas. 
Ski areas are developing plans to ensure that they can safely manage onsite visitor traffic flow, and as such the Ski NH Board of Directors unanimously voted to suspend sales of our Ski NH good-anytime tickets and 4th & 5th Grade Snowsports Passports for the 2020-21 ski season. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you and your family. 
In these unprecedented times, our ski areas have all had to make sacrifices to ensure that they will be able to open and stay open this winter. Our members are optimistic about offering skiing, riding, and other on-site activities this winter; however, visitors should expect things to look and operate differently. As noted above, Ski NH will do its best to keep you all informed by emailing you with changes that you should be aware of, as well as updating our website as often as possible and sending out newsletters with new information regularly (sign up for the Ski NH newsletters here). 
Thank you so much for your understanding,
The Ski NH Team