Celebrating the Women of NH's Ski Industry
Cranmore Women
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Celebrating the Women of NH's Ski Industry

March 6, 2024

Above are Karen Dolan, Snowsports Director; Kelly Hunt, Resort Services Manager; Tricia Garcia, Director of Base Operations; Becca Deschenes, Marketing Director; Aimee Morrill, HR Director; and Jenn Moore, Finance Director -- all of Cranmore Mountain Resort.

As we honor Women's History Month and International Women's Day (on March 8), we pause to acknowledge the remarkable contributions of the women making an indelible mark on New Hampshire’s slopes. From managing intricate operations to crafting captivating marketing campaigns, they have been architects in our industry's growth. They have effortlessly balanced the demands of running a ski resort while ensuring the safety and enjoyment of our guests.

But it doesn't stop there. Some of these remarkable women have also taken on roles in Food & Beverage, Lift Operations, and Ski Patrol. They keep the lifts operating, ensure that guests are well-fed and they are there are provided prompt medical care should they get injured. And then there are the snowsports instructors whose patience and guidance transform novices into confident adventurers, instilling a lifelong love for the slopes.

So let us raise our goggles and salute these remarkable women who have conquered the mountains and shattered stereotypes. Their resilience, tenacity, and unwavering spirit serve as an inspiration to us all. As we carve our way through the snow, let us remember the women who have made it possible for us to experience the thrill of the slopes.

Collage of Women in NH Ski Resorts

From top left to bottom right: Karen Clarey, groomer at Jackson XC; Alexa Bernotavicz, Assistant Director of Ski Operations at Bretton Woods; Julia Lameroux, Snowmaker and Welder at Attitash Mountain; Jen Garside, Ski Patrol Director at King Pine; Meredith Hopkins, Adaptive Snowsports Director and Rental Shop Manager at McIntyre Ski Area; Heather Rademacher at McIntyre Ski Area, the ladies of Bretton Woods Ski Patrol; Linda Ricciardelli, owner of the Franconia Inn who operates Franconia Village XC; Becca Layton of McIntyre Ski Area Snowsports; Hillary Flanders, Retail Associate at Mount Sunapee; Meghan Waters at McIntyre Ski Area; Deirdre Riley, Sr. Mountain Operations Manager at Attitash Mountain; Connie Kinsman and Barbara Keller, Instructors at Jackson XC; Haley Bissonnette, Mount Sunapee Ski Patroller; Amanda Buswell, Assistant General Manager at King Pine. For more photos of women working in NH’s ski industry visit the Women in NH’s Ski Industry Album on Flickr.

Here are several stories about teams of women and the contributions they are making at a few New Hampshire ski resorts.

McIntyre Ski Area

Female Leadership at McIntyre Ski Area

Shaley Bergeron, Assistant GM; Sarah DeVillers, Guest Services; and Olivia McIntire of Guest Services at McIntyre Ski Area.

McIntyre Ski Area employs a powerhouse of women in management roles with rentals, retail, snowsports, marketing, food and beverage, and mountain operations. According to Aly Coakley, the Marketing Director at McIntyre, the team's cohesion can be likened to a close-knit family where mutual support and collaboration are the norm. Each member of the team brings a unique dynamic and passion to the ski area, ensuring that every visitor, regardless of skill level, feels welcomed and well-supported.

From addressing specific gear needs to catering to special food requests, the team at McIntyre goes above and beyond to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for all guests, says Coakley. The collaborative spirit within the team extends to all aspects of the business, leveraging the wealth of experience that each member brings to their respective roles. This collective experience is a driving force behind the smooth daily operations of McIntyre Ski Area throughout every season.

Jackson XC

Jackson XC three

Amie Smith, Ellen Chandler, and Heidi Lange, two technical delegates and Chief of Race at Jackson XC.

Cross-country skiing has seen a high participation rate by women, and this trend is reflected at Jackson XC where more than half of the employees are women. Ellen Chandler, the Executive Director at Jackson XC, proudly states that women are working in every department, and the president of the volunteer board of directors is also a woman. The women of Jackson XC bring a welcoming atmosphere and a well-executed product to their guests, she says, and adds: “Our staff comes from diverse backgrounds, ranging from recent high school graduates to retired PhDs, and they provide a sense of belonging to the skiers who come to Jackson XC. This seamless operation thrives on mutual respect and teamwork between the women and the other half of the team.”

Bretton Woods

Alexa Bernotavicz

Alexa Bernotavicz is the Assistant Director of Ski Operations.

Celebrating 50 years of snowsports this year, Bretton Woods recognizes the incredible contributions of the women who have helped make Bretton Woods ski area the success it is today. From Alexa Bernotavicz, Assistant Director of Ski Operations, who has been an integral part of ski operations since 2007, to the ladies of Bretton Woods ski patrol, (including Kate Morneau, Blair Cournoyer, Gaylen Kelley, Jen Boos, and Morgan Cheney), we are grateful for their dedication and hard work, says Jenn Huntoon, Assistant Director of Marketing – who has been at the resort for over three decades herself. “Without these and the other remarkable women working at Bretton Woods and the Omni Mount Washington Resort, ours would not be the thriving destination it is today. We celebrate and honor their achievements and look forward to continuing to work together with everyone on the team to provide the best possible experience for our guests, on and off the slopes.”

Ski Patrollers at Bretton Woods

Ski Patrollers at Bretton Woods

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Melody Nester